CD Jessica’s story of how she met her GODDESS & Pantyhose QUEEN in the DMV!

So how I met my Goddess?… I was looking for a new Dominant female on back page and stumbled across the Goddess herself and dropped her an email that i was a cross dresser and had a huge fetish for pantyhose.  I was interested in having a session.  I can remember like it was yesterday… this session was awesome!!   I knocked and this beautiful lady in black pantyhose & high heels opened the door.  I could feel my cock was getting a little excited.  I was welcomed in the house.  I followed her up to a room where she was having her sessions.  

I had pantyhose on of course.  I was very excited i was ordered to remove everything except my pantyhose as i laid on the table.  Goddess said that she is trained and skilled in massage therapy as well, and since I had a physically stressful job, that I should get a massage as well.   After the wonderful massage Goddess got on the other end of the table and put her pantyhose legs on my body.  She began to put her feet in my face.  I was in heaven.  My arms were almost hugging her legs and that was the beginning of a lot of excitement for me.   That was the best experience i have ever had.  I was there for two hours.  

Then Goddess requested i email her when i got home and i did. She asked if I had given anymore thought to our previous conversation… if i wanted to share an apartment and to be a real live in pantyhose boi?  I was still living at home so i could really fulfill the whole wearing pantyhose and dressing whenever i wanted, and I of course jumped at the chance to do so, even though I had no idea of what I was doing.  So after doing some research we both agreed on a place to live together.  It was inside the beltway in Virginia pretty pricey.  But it was my only chance to really wear hose more. We both lived there for 14 months which was a long lease but was a good experience for not living under mommy’s roof.  I was out on my own and wearing pantyhose.

When i was living with Mizz Vixxin in Virginia i would always wear pantyhose.  A few hundred times i got asked to go out for a gurls night out.  But i was always too shy to go out so one night when a tv show called Justified came aired on Tuesday nights,  we got all dressed up with my black and white dress and pantyhose and played dress up. She dressed like the sexy blond with Her jean tube dress and cowboy boots, and sometimes she wore her sexy Daisy Dukes shorts with pantyhose.

It was fun dressing in the apartment because i did not have to worry about anything.  It was Jessica and Mizz Vixxin.  Mizz Vixxin would make a fantastic dinner eat and get ready.  Goddess cooking was so damn good, it was a nice surprise that not only was she sweet & beautiful, but she made the best chicken ever… it was the bomb.  It was roasted and she also made fried chicken and curry chicken from the islands, was all so very delicious!  She already had her pantyhose on while cooking… so yummy!! I think i had my heels on for about an hour until my feet were killing me.  That was really the only time I got dressed up to the nines, because I would never accept Mizz Vixxin’s invites to go out on the town to the local munches and drag shows.  Goddess went almost every week and I loved hearing about all of the stories she told the next day.

I decided to make a big move to the midwest cause i did not want to stay in Virginia anymore.  When i was packing i had a big box of pantyhose and tights with my dresses and shoes at the bottom of the box.  The box made it safe and sound to the midwest.  Im now living on my own.

That exciting time of dressing as Jessica gained my confidence in going out two a few cross dressing clubs.  I was talking to someone on a website that could help me with the makeup.  So i went there got dressed went out with a few CDs had a great time.  I met a few new CD friends.  They did make me feel comfortable.  One place was a chill and relaxing where you could talk to people, the other place was just loud.  They had a dance club but still could sit.  I did not stay long cause that night the midwest was expecting 5 or more inches of snow.  I still had to drive and hour and 10 minutes home before the roads got really bad.  Glad i left when i did.

So to conclude it all if you have a chance to go out to Las Vegas to go out with Mizz Vixxin.. she is a sweet lady and will help you because she is the Best that a shy gurl like me could ask for and more.

Now we have a nice friendship and I love having a pantyhose friend!