Mizz Vixxin, Exotic Ebony FemDomme Goddess
Interviewer: T-VyrusMorning of May 17th, 2014, Hilton LAX Café

I arrived in Los Angeles for the Dominatrix Convention (DomCon) at 11am Friday morning. It was too early to check into my room at the LAX Hilton; however the concierge allowed me to check my baggage, and then I proceeded to the registration desk to pick up my badge – and to make myself familiar with the convention space and program.

Although I had hoped to use my early arrival to meet with some friends in the area, those plans did not pan out; however, conversations of a few days earlier with the Professional Hypnotist, Mo Kelly (Mesmerizing Mo), offered an opportunity to meet someone new, and we met for an early dinner. (More about that in Vena’s interview.)

Still later, I made my way to Mistress Absolute’s hotel suite where she was hosting a DomCon meet-n-greet, and the room was filled with shiny beautiful people (and more than a few scantily clad ones), including some of my absolute favorites such as the Mistress Jean Bardot – and surprise of surprises, Jenna Latex (HGM June 2010). I stood agape as Jenna crossed the room, and she was every bit the tall, shiny, sexy bitch that I remembered from the 2010 Rubberdoll World Rendezvous – and still just as sweet and friendly also.

Mistress Jean and I shared a few words; however, she’s only ever met me masked, so it took a quick minute for me to make the connection for her. She is always super dear – and sweet and sinister are fairly common traits among ProDommes – always delightful, and always more than willing to entertain beating and abusing a person as well. Just the perfect combination of wicked and wonderful, and Jean is truly both.

New to me that night was the organizer and host of DomCon, Mistress Cyn, the Goddess Phoenix and Mistress Absolute who my friend Nina Cedar (from the Netherlands) had encouraged me to meet. Nina herself was not at the con’; however, and as she was largely indisposed, pinning down Mistress Absolute for a quick hello proved to be near impossible.

Not long into the party, and as I was standing near to the door, a really gorgeous chocolate girl approached me and she proclaimed gleefully, “I know you…oh my God I know you.” I stood dumbfounded – desperately wishing that I could remember where we’d met before and in what way we had known each other. Then she continued, “Oh my God, I didn’t know that you would be here, I am like your biggest fan…” I let out a sigh, and then feeling a bit awkward, I lowered my head and made light of my appearance on the Trisha Goddard show, which Mizz Vixxin had apparently watched when it first aired.

Mizz Vixxin and I became fast friends, and thru the rest of the evening we mingled together, and I enjoyed her company very much. I introduced her to Jean and Jenna, and then as the night wore on, and as people began drifting back to their rooms, Vixxin and I arranged to meet for breakfast.

The following morning we met at the hotel’s café for coffee, eats and a truly delightful interview, and I became an immediate fan of the perky, high-spirited FemDomme from Las Vegas.

TV: So… Girl, you are such a sweetheart; how did you come to be a ProDomme?

MV: Well, my first experience was as a massage therapist for some golfer clients, and I saw this one particular person maybe three times, and well…you see my personality…

(Mizz Vixxin has all of the delightful mannerisms of a bubbly twelve-year-old girl, and though a single Mom with grown children, you would never sense from her any misgivings about a well-worn life. She speaks in a manner that is bright, witty and intelligent, and her voice is soft, sly, sensual and quite musical. Sitting there across from her I was fully engaged and a bit rapt.)(T-Vyrus)

…so he was like, “You seem really cool, and I have something I wanna ask you,” and I said, “Well, what is it?” Then he said that he had a secret, and he asked me if I would put a dog collar on him and walk him around the massage table, and I was like, really!? So without even commentating, I was like “OK!” This was before I knew anything about BDSM fetishes, and he had the collar in his bag, and I did it…I walked him around like a dog. (then in earnest) To see him heel and do all the different positions, and just to see that look in his eyes…I couldn’t believe this was such a thing, and I thought, “I think I’ve found my niche.”

I put an ad’ in the newspaper, and that’s really how I fell in to it. I mean…I’m a pleaser and a nurturer, but I’ve been a dominant little girl all of my life too…I’m a Tom Boy! So, for me to switch from massage therapy into becoming a really strict dog-walker, was like, “Oh my God!”

TV: (smiles) Where did you learn massage therapy?

MV: I was trained at the Baltimore School of Massage, and at the time I had been self-employed for a while, and I had three young kids, so I’d been hustling here, hustling there… yeah so, that’s how I got into it. I don’t always wanna spank people though – I’m not mean hearted or mean spirited whatsoever, and when I found out about sissies and cross dressers, my niche became doing makeovers and dressing up the girly-bois.

TV: I did get from our conversations last night that you enjoy feminization the most.

MV: I like feminization…I’ve always been a person that can look at someone and see past the scruff and see the beauty in them. Even if it’s a homeless person that may be disheveled or maybe not so clean – I can see the gorgeous features and the beauty about them. You know, I can see past all of that. When I see a businessman I think, “Oh my God, I can totally do his face!” I can see things like that, and I just like to help people live out their fantasies.

I was treated differently growing up, so I get it. I remember a little five-year-old boy who was trying to fit in playing football, and he would get hurt. Then he’d go home, and when he came back out he’d be dressed in a costume and he’d say, “I’m Wonder Woman and no one can hurt me now!” …and I became his protector because it was just a natural thing for me to do. Now he’s transgender…he has boobs and everything, and he is still with his Wonder Woman thing, and he is just so into it.

TV: So you still know him?

MV: Yeah! He’s on my facebook and I couldn’t believe it. I moved away, and when I came back he was like…he was a girl! So yeah…I’d even like to do a photo shoot with him and we could both wear Wonder Woman costumes. I’d really like to make that happen when I go back to the east coast because he inspires me, and I love and support him. He was like the first little girly-boi that I ever met, so I knew early on that people were born that way.

TV: How old were you at the time?

MV: I was twelve.

TV: So like a big sister?

MV: Yeah, I had a brother his age and they would play together, and my neighbor across the street she had a little brother too, and all of them use to play together. They were rough boys when they played, and he tried, but you know he was just…feminine. When he came out with his Wonder Woman though, that was his whole mechanism and he was fearless.

TV: This was in Vegas?

MV: This was on the east coast in Maryland.

TV: What brought you to Vegas?

MV: I came to Vegas in 2008.

TV: Did you come specifically as a FemDomme?

MV: No, no, no… I was just doing it on and off, and I was just taking sessions with people who wanted it with me – I never wanted to be in the whole scene. I was just doin’ my own thing because I enjoy it, and it gives me pleasure. It’s not about the power stuff…it’s like, someone trusts me with their secret. I feel like the most special woman in the world when someone who doesn’t even know me wants to reveal their heart to me – and to reveal all of their little things – and I can make it real for them, so that’s what it’s all about for me.

TV: So you feel privileged?

MV: I do, I do yeah… to be the one…

TV: …and that takes a lot of trust.

MV: It does, and when I look back on my life, and I see where people trusted me with there kids at a young age and stuff like that…you know, maybe I’m like an old soul or something, but I was mature. There is just like something about me that people get, and I take the utmost pride in that. When I do the makeovers for the girly-bois – the male to female transformations – they really have to have that trust with me.

TV: I think that for those Dommes who are successful, there are those common traits; trustworthy, compassionate…

MV: Yeah, because you can tell when it’s real…either you have it or you don’t. I do it because I really want to help people and I love it. I mean not just for the money or whatever…I consider myself lifestyle and pro’.

I originally moved to Vegas to work as a Promotional Model, but it was slow,  and I then took a leasing agent job in apartment rentals – I was living right across the street from the convention center. I decided to place an ad’ for my services just to see what might happen, and so I was working this leasing job and taking clients on the side whenever I could. After three months I quit my job, and I moved into the penthouse suite upstairs – I got my occupancy license and I set my place up. …but then Vegas got so slow, and I moved back to the east coast where things were much better and I had a high fan base.   So for now I’m back in Vegas, so I can look after the girly-bois when they come to town and they need someone to take them to the clubs – and to the hotels that allow the boys to cross dress and to go out dancing. You know…all inclusive type hosting packages.

TV: So really your niche is focused on cross dressers.

MV: Oh yeah, I love it! A lot of them come from little towns where they can’t even dare to do it, so I wanna be the one that they can come to in Vegas, and to do Vegas stuff with – take them out and just give them an incredible experience, I love it!  Right now I’m in L.A. for two months just to make my contacts out here, and then I’ll be back in Vegas. I have a little tour lined up also in Colorado, Utah, Seattle…maybe Portland too because they have a good fetish scene there.

(T-Vyrus receives a text message from one of the photographers and responds to it.)

TV: Sorry, that was one of the Photographers. You are welcome to come by later if you want to. Between twelve-thirty and one might be best – we’ll be in room 1204.

MV: I’d love it!

TV: Are there those who have very specific needs, like a pantyhose fetish…? What do you find is the most common request?

MV: When I advertise, I have my pantyhose…like…I don’t know if you’ve seen my site, but I have…well…I’ll just show you.

(Vixxin leans forward with her smart-phone in order to show T’ some of her photos.)

MV: So, I go by Ebony Superior. (holds the phone for T’ to see)

TV: (T’ leans in) Damn girl, that’s like Tina Turner with a little something extra…and Mariah Carey…Eartha Kitt…you’ve got it all goin’ on!

MV: You know it’s really just me, and it’s all about the pantyhose, and I make up these things…these concepts…

TV: Well, but that causes me to ask, who are some of your influences?

MV: Well… My influences… (very long pause) Well you know, I really just like ladies like… Diahann Carroll and the way she dresses in form fitting clothes, I’m just you know…I’m in love with the error of Class & Glamour Sophistication seduction, it’s natural for Me.

(Vixxin is a little distracted because she is looking for something specific on her smart-phone.)

TV: (Still leaning in to see) So there’re your feet…

MV: Yeah, that’s the foot fetish – I just show them my hose…and there’s one of my boys…my girls! So yeah, those are my feet, but there’s something about the look that they like. I get people that want me to model my legs – that want me to put scissor holds on them because they think I look strong enough, so it’s an array of things. Mostly it’s the men that love the pantyhose, and they love the adoration. So, I love it!

I ask them sometimes how come they love it, and they’ll tell me how they use to sneak into their Mothers’ or Sisters’ room and wear the pantyhose and things. When I’m with them I just listen to what they are saying because that lets me know where to start with them. Sometimes as they are telling their story I might take the pantyhose and let them start to feel them – that’s the trigger for their memories. …and I just feel honored that they would want me to be the one to do it. That’s what it is for me; I can have fun with my girly-bois.

TV: Well, and it’s a major release; I know for me it’s a way to escape from all the other things going on in my life.

MV: …and it’s a turn on too! Like when the suit and tie man wants to wear the pantyhose, and then he starts drooling through them… I had a relationship with a cross dresser once, and that was an experience. I was happy to have someone like that to go out with to the Drag shows – I mean, to have a pretty girl to go out with me all of the time that was exciting. …and it was the hottest sex…I mean for both of us to be dressed in garters and then looking in the mirror and thinking, “I just can’t believe what I’m doin’!” …but it was so sexy to see him aroused between the garters and thigh highs, and both our legs so shapely and strong…and he was blonde too! I told him, I said, “I’m not a lesbian, so you better be damn good lookin’ to fool me and to get my lesbian liquor. (laughs) That’s what I call it!

TV: (laughs) …and there’s a question too – I mean you’re in damn good shape…?

MV: Awh thank you… Well, I try to work out just to maintain; I’m like my father, he was a track star and a soccer player, so when I look at his legs I know that I’m shaped just like him, and I think I have some male things about me too, I’m a tad androgynous.

TV: (laughs) Well, yeah and you do have a small ass for a girl.

MV: Yeah, I don’t have hips, I’m just like you know…

TV: Ah…you look great.

MV: …I’m kinda different from other girls in a way – I have boobs whatever, but in my community, guys they like the big asses. …but the white guys think my ass is everything…it’s like the perfect ass, and I’m thinking, “This little thing?” …but I guess because of the way it’s shaped or whatever… and I can gain weight like that, and I can lose weight like that. (snaps her fingers)

I’m short wasted, so all of my weight goes right there first, and if I wanna get legs and ass I’ve gotta get thicker in the waist first, and I have a back like this (makes a ‘V’ with her hands)…like a ‘V’ back, so I’m like, “Oh my God, I am really shaped like a damn man!”

TV: (laughs) So, you’re a tranny in your own way.

MV: Yeah so… I work out sometimes when I try to be more consistent. I’d like to get into fetish modeling, but I don’t want to be a submissive model, and I wanna wear the latex, and the rubber… I wanna be like the African Queen of Rubber fetish and latex. (laughs)

TV: (laughs) Is that what brought you to DomCon?

MV: No, my subby brought me to DomCon because he thought that I should meet more people in the industry, and because he knows what my goals are. He knows a lot of the FemDommes, and he knew who was going to be here, so he asked me if I wanted to come. Of course I told him yes, because I want to start coming out here to work, and I wanted to meet people here. Sometimes people wanna do a vanilla swirl session, you know, have a black and a white woman Dom’ them at the same time.

TV: Have you ever worked liked that with anyone?

MV: I tried to. I extend the offers, but sometimes people don’t take it up because they look at it as competition. They don’t see it as a way to build the client base, or as a way to just work with someone who is really reliable and not a flake. So those are the issues.

TV: That’s too bad.

MV: Yeah… I’ve always envisioned myself doing some sort of HBO or Cinemax type of thing – I just have my own story, and I’m not like these people that have this long list of experience and clients, but I do feel as though I come at it from a good place and maybe my story qualifies me to be able to bring it to the main stream, so that people can see another point of view.

TV: Well, you’re a Mom…

MV: Well yeah, but I’m just saying as far as how people view us in the fetish lifestyle and look at us like freaks and stuff, so to just be able to tell a story… People are really caged and they are expected to do certain things depending and where they come from…family backgrounds and stuff. Maybe they went to a Catholic School and got caned, or they were on the playground and got beat up, and the next thing you know they’re adults and they are trying to find a woman in life who will want to sit on them and smother them. So, I mean you never know how it happens.

I was the girl that beat up all the boys up on the playground, and even then I had strong muscular legs for a girl (or boy) my age, and my girlfriend’s cousin use to say to me, “Damn, your legs are so hot,” but he shouldn’t have been talking to me because he was nineteen and I was only thirteen (going on twenty). He would try to peep at me through the changing room keyholes at the pool park, and I would come out and catch him, and then I would upper cut him and say, “What are you doin’ lookin’ at me through the hole?”

Later in life, he told me…he said, “Do you remember when I use to peep at you, and how you use to upper cut me…? I loved it! …and do you remember when I touched you on the butt and you checked me on the ground and put me in that wrestling hold…? I can’t believe you’re doing now what you use to do to me when we were teenagers.” …and I was like, “Oh my God, you are so right, I was really doin’ that, and I didn’t have a clue what it was – I was just being me!”

That really shined a light on it, and it helped me to see that I have really been doing this all of my life. So for me to find it the way that I did, and to know that this is the thing that I am meant to do is OK.

I don’t want to be a nurse…I mean, I like to help people, but I don’t want to be a nurse; I don’t want to see people in pain all of the time and all that. So, that’s why I went into the spa business because I like to pamper people. …and then that guy, he asked me that one day to put the collar on him and lead him around like a dog, and I was like…this is it right here!

Maybe I didn’t have any experience, but I would just tell them, “I’m here for you, and I want to help you and to give you a safe haven for play – just tell me what it is that you love.” …and that’s how I learned how to do the things that people liked, because I just asked them and they always appreciated the consideration that I extended to them.

I don’t like to come in and do just whatever I feel like, I mean, people are coming to a ProDomme for a reason, so you shouldn’t just do whatever you feel like. Some Dommes are on a power trip, but the power for me is in the trust that a person gives to me and that they can confide in me. So that’s really what it is for me. I don’t care about what anyone else is doing because I’m always gonna draw someone to me – I’ve been doing that since I was a little girl.

TV: Parting words…?

MV: If someone needs time with me, and if they need a place to be themselves, then I hope they might allow me to be the one to help them to live outside the box. That’s all I wanna do – it gives me pleasure, and I only want the people who feel that those words touch them and speak to them – I don’t care about a million calls, I only care about people who can feel what I’m saying, and who truly needs this outlet.

TV: It’s a genuine pleasure to meet you, and I thank you for being so delightful and open.

MV: It’s a pleasure to meet you too – I can’t believe that I’m sitting here with you. Thank you.

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