Live in Pantyhose boi CD Jessica

During the summer I usually travel east to host My sissy maid Academy & Pantyhose Worship Tour,  which during that time I met a sweet, shy pantyhose boi who came to visit Me for a session.

He was sort of cute, not bad looking at all…tall, shy, innocent, and he had a secret obsession with wearing woman’s pantyhose.  I consulted with him and found out that he had been wearing pantyhose in secret for many years.  What made it so frustrating for him, and intriguing to Me, was that he was 30 years old and still lived at home. He. was still a virgin as well.

Learning of this made My heart melt for him.  I immediately asked if he wished to live on his own, and he informed Me that his parents couldn’t wait for him to leave the nest.  My mind immediately started to imagine something that most people wouldn’t dare to conceive….but it was too soon to think further, as it was now play time with this cute tall pantyhose boi.

Our session together I took My time.  I offered him a back massage because his job was very physical, but I told him that he was more than welcomed to wear his hose and I would wear mine as well.  This session provided him the best of both worlds, and it also offered up a secret desire of this pantyhose boi… an opportunity to model My strong pantyhosed legs.  I then hypnotize him with a bit of a seductive pantyhose slip and slide of My hosed feet!!!  I was sensually rubbing and massaging his hosed legs and encased cock and he was in total heaven…. he was hooked!!!

We talked a little more, and he informed Me that he was having a series of hair removal treatments on his chest and full legs.  I asked him if he had any gurly attire, and he informed Me that he had one dress, and  he was searching online for a pair of shoes because he was too shy to go into a Woman’s shoe store.  He didn’t believe that he would find his shoe size, and he was right.   I then sent him searching online to find a pair that he would feel comfortable walking in as he was a total newbie.

This was going to be wonderful!  I was so excited and I could tell that under his demure facade that he was beaming to find someone like Me who would finally except him, and someone, finally, that he could be himself with.  Little did he know…. that I had much, much more in mind!

I thought about him a lot.  We communicated via email from time to time before his next session as he was now ordering his items online, and now just had to wait for them.

A few weeks had passed and he finally called to say that his items had arrived, and that he was now ready to schedule his next training session with Me.  So he came to see Me on a Sunday, his day off, and we went to work on his training of femme mannerism.

blog image3During this session he will get dressed in full dress for the very first time.  Putting on the dress that he purchased online,… and I must say that it was a cute dress although not your typical style of dress.  He was very conservative, but with a stylish flare.  The dress was a black A line, which is looser fit,… not skin-tight and hugging.  The black had a nice pattern of a Moroccan feel over the entire front of the dress, and the back was solid black.  A nice choice I must say!  His shoes were a black open toe fabric shoe with a natural colored wedged heel.   They were not too high.  Just right for walking on carpet,  and for a first attempt to walk in a feminine shoe for the very first time.  He did very well in his selection and I was pleasantly surprised!!!

So now he, is on his way to being developed into femme mode.  He wanted to keep makeup to a minimum and so I only applied a little pink lip gloss, no blush, no mascara.  I decided that we would go shopping for a wig to complete the look on the next session.  So for now, we worked on his standing, hand placement, and how to walk, stop, turn, and pose.  This was fun, but not so easy for him to pick up right away, and I could tell that he would need a little more work in this area.  It was a joy to see him try, and very entertaining to see the focus that he showed to try to accomplish the tasks.  He received an “A” for Effort in My book!

So since he did such a great job on getting nice items, attempting to walk the walk, and talk the talk,… blog image2I decided to sit him down, and show him how it is done.  I modeled  for him in My gorgeous corset, short tight skirt, pantyhose and high heels.  As he was watching Me walk back and forth, I am softly and seductively talking to him.  I’m.asking him if he is seeing how I am walking… slow and deliberately to teach as I talk?   I am asking him if he is loving what  I am wearing?  I am asking him this,  and all the while I can see that he is rubbing his growing encased cock.  It is big, drooling, and best of all, it’s a virgin cock. He has admitted to being a full blow chronic  masturbator, so he tries to use this fact to his advantage to control his quickly aroused cock over the sight of My strong pantyhose legs. Clearly,…. I’M THE WINNER!.

His favorite thing, I have learned, is to give him orders to lie down so I can sit at the opposite end with his legs on the outside of My body, and watch him intensely as I  rub My legs all over his entire frontal body.  My hands gently gliding over his lower legs, and My hosed legs rubbing all over his thighs, hosed cock and chest and face, so he can kiss and smell My feet.  Massaging, kissing, and adoring one foot, as the other foot glides back down over his bare nipples, and down to his crotch area where he is starting now to saturate his pantyhose with the drools of his extreme excitement.  Yes,… I caused this mess and I love it!!!!

blog image1This is his first intense experience of this nature, and it’s very clear to see that he would like to have more of this treatment, and as often as possible.  So this is when I ask him the MILLION DOLLAR question???!!!!!

How Would you Like To Become a Live in pantyhose boi, with your Very Own PANTYHOSE QUEEN?!!!  Of course, he said YES!!!

Today this gorgeous shy pantyhose boi lives successfully on his own in a new state not knowing anyone, but clearly now has the courage and confidence to out out on the town with her making new CD friends.  I am soooo very Proud of her, and I take immense Pride knowing that I am the person who was able to assist in this awesome life transformation.

If you loved reading this,  then please stay tuned for CD Jessica’s account of her experience on being Mizz Vixxin’s very first pantyhose boi live in.

I’d love to hear from you if you enjoyed My reality writing!

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