Reflections into the Life of MIZZ VIXXIN!! Welcome into My World!

IMG_0901Greetings from Australia, as this is the place where I have been on a downtime reflecting, planning, attempting to see where life will take Me.  I have been traveling nonstop since I started full time in the FemDomme Lifestyle making a commitment to Myself that I would be true to who I am, and to surround Myself with those who connect with who I am, and what I stand for.

For those of you who don’t know, I will give you a Proper Introduction to learn how I came to be on the path that I have been on since 1995 since the discovery of the FemDomme Lifestyle, as well as My Pro Domme status since 2010. This is when I decided to dedicate My life to give My time, energy and heart to those who desire to find one like Me.

I have had a very interesting life full of tragedies, ups & downs that started at an early age which has shaped who I am today.  I was a very creative and outgoing little girl.  Singing & dancing was, and is still My number one passion.  I am from a 3 dimensional culture.  First  being from a traditional Caribbean background, first generation American born to a strict West Indian father, and an American mother with Native American blood.  I was raised in a complex childhood with a very religious upbringing as a child growing up.  This is what continues to keep Me grounded in having tremendous faith in destiny and belief in giving one a chance, and the benefit of the doubt,…until proven wrong,  at which point its then,.. your Loss!

I was a raised to be a proper young lady (child) from My Caribbean & Religious background. I was a tomboy with a well rounded middle class experience of African American culture, spiced with a heavy dose of street smarts.  This combination is what has kept Me diverse, a survivor, and fearless on how to dance to My own beat and create My path to chase and live out what I feel is My Destiny in life.

At an early age, I had an experience with a little boy who lived next door to Me who was clearly gay at the age of 5.  I was 12 years old and I became his protector.  All who would have never believed that one could be “Born that way”, clearly was proven wrong, as it was undeniable.  At this time I was a full on tom boy, but still feminine in fashion and how I carried Myself.  I know that it may sound sort of confusing, but it’s why I declare Myself as a personality of a gay boy trapped in a girls body.  People chuckle when I tell them this, but then they say hmmm, and soon agree with Me.  Since that time, going through middle school, and high school, I was a gay magnet if you will, and it was just a natural thing.  I connected more with the gays, gothic, …the alternative kids, and less with the black girls, as these girls were the group who I was bullied by.  They tried I might add,  but they quickly learned that I wasn’t the one to try.  This happened as a matter of fact since I was in elementary school, but sadly it started with My own close family members.  I was envied because I could sing, and got a lot of attention from strangers singing in the grocery store,  as I was too little to walk alongside with My cousins and would be the one in the grocery cart being pushed and singing all the while.  Women would come up to Me and say OMG, your’e so cute and talented, and they would give Me money from their purses and give many compliments.  My outgoing personality and talent,  along with the fact that I was living in a middle class neighborhood,… where as these same close relatives did not,  were the reasons that I was accused and bullied for thinking that I was better than them.  I boldly stood My ground and told them that’s not true, because I had nothing to do with where I was living.  In fact,  I constantly begged My mother to allow Me to go to My cousin’s  house in the neighborhood that was more lively, fun, and yes, it was in the projects. The land of the weekly block parties, and ice cream trucks ringing their bells all day into the early morning hours…this never happened in the neighborhood that I was living.  This is the foundation of how I relate to people who are gay, CD, TV, TS, and anyone,  who has been made to feel like they have to go along with society for the sake of fitting in and depriving who they are,  and what makes them happy.  I know personally what it feels like to have to conform in the fear of being rejected, disgraced, shunned, and anything else that has taken piece of their authentic self to be placed on the back burner, or worse.

In life, I had been thrusted into an adult world at a very early age, and this started a roller coaster effect beyond My control.  Having the strict upbringing and an older soul of empathy and compassion, it helped to remain wise,  resourceful, and to become a survivor in times of tragedy, and having to roll with the punches of life.  I was forced out into the world at the age of 16, and by the tender age of barely 21, was now a single mother.  There are the makings, of what we call in life… “A STRONG BLACK WOMAN”!!  My personal relationships consisted of situations that just happened, not planned. The same reasons that one took interest in Me, were the same reasons that they used against Me that resulted in the demise of the relationships.  You see, I have a vision of greatness, thoughts and dreams that were beyond those who surrounded Me.  I went to work in a big US company for 3 years, to support My children… but even there, I was chastised for not going along with the “program” to get ahead.  There was a lot of sleeping your way to the top in this organization and I wasn’t apart of this game and I payed the price.  I did manage to create the start of a new business from the wonderful people that I knew within this company and I started a mobile spa service of mani-pedi-, massage in which I thrived in.   I resigned from that organization and never looked back.

I started working in the Spa business, and had a client that I had seen maybe twice.  Surprisingly,.. during the his 3 appointment,  he sweetly and shyly told Me that he trusted Me and that he would like to have Me for an appointment Me, to put a dog’s collar and leash on him and walk him around the massage table.  Well I couldn’t believe My ears, but I proceeded to give him what he wanted.  The look in his eyes was more than I can describe in words of the feeling that I felt when I saw the more than satisfied look on his face, and in his eyes.   Yes his eyes,… they are the window to the soul for sure!!  This is the day that I was introduced to BDSM, and the day that I knew that I had found My calling.  This is the day that I realized that I had been doing this since I was a child as a Dominant girl aka tomboy.  I was dominating boys in sports, fights, and a leader amongst them on and off the football field.  I was like that little boy next door who was 5 and gay, but only knowing how he felt inside, but not knowing that there was a name for it.  It was then, that I realized that I was, and am a natural Dominant Female, and that there was a world full of people that I could be Myself with, and that I could help.

This is what My presence is all about.  I am the accepting, nurturing & guidance figure for those who need an outlet to feel complete.  My presence in this lifestyle is not about being a Woman naturally in a position to have people to make Me feel Powerful, and beyond reach.  My presence is one, that is of a relatable platform in that I too, have experienced as a Dominant child, and Woman being subjected to bullying, not being accepted, becoming withdrawn from My own personality to make others happier and to fit in.

I too have trouble finding a suitable mate who will accept Me, My driven, creative personality, and the fact that I am in this lifestyle and that I have an unconventional business in the Fetish World.  People just assume that I have this fabulous lifestyle with men falling at My feet, but truth be told that it’s not easy finding someone who can accept Me as I am.  There are a lot of people along the way who have said that they could and would, ( the Dominant Alpha male).. and who have a fantasy to be “The One”,  (the submissive),…but the fact remains that its a real challenge to find a gentleman who can handle the chance to truly be by My side.  I have traveled abroad, and across the U.S. and have had many proposals of interests,  but none has been able to commit for one reason or another.  I meet a lot of nice gentlemen that are married, as most of My following and clients are, and I feel  it’s such a shame that people have married others who won’t accept them, and so I exist to offer a communication either in person, or Cam2Cam so help them feel whole.


Its now Fall here in  Las Vegas.  I’m non stop organizing from A-Z on getting things in order to announce My Official Grand Launch for My VIP Hosting Las Vegas Tour, and  sissy maid Training Academy!  I’m so excited and its at this time I wish I had that perfect submissive assistant by My side, but its exciting to start again from scratch building a team and getting settled back in Vegas.  I’ve hosted here in My QUEENDOM, My Original Las Vegas sissy maid recently, and she has helped Me get things in order, so be sure to check back for the short  documentary… great content is coming your way!

I will be also  traveling to the east coast in the month of November to the Dc/Md/Va areas and would love to take your Reservations for those of you who are from that area.  It’s nice to be back in Vegas to Celebrate this day,  and the start of My New Life back in Vegas.  I’m so Blessed, and I can’t wait to hear from you,  meet you, and I thank you for your Support!!

Write in, I would love to hear from you.

Cheers from GODDESS